When a payment is made there will also be an entry in the LOG. This is in addition to the SMS you will get from the IMPS system. Product details
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Scan N Paytm

A novel way of making payment.
Make online and offline payments wherever you are!

How it works?


An android Smart Phone

Connection to Wi-Fi / Mobile Data

You must be a registered user of FedMobile (Our Official Mobile Banking App)

Beneficiary should have a Federal Bank Account

MMID (Mobile Money Identifier) of the beneficiary

Security Features of Scan N Pay

Scan N PayTM has the following security features:

  • The App can be opened only with the MPIN set by you

  • Each transaction will be authenticated with your MPIN

  • Payment can be made only from your phone

  • Each transaction will be followed by a real-time SMS alerts to your phone

  • Messaging with Federal Bank server is encrypted

  • Identical transactions are not allowed immediately to prevent duplication

  • Daily transactions limit is Rs 50,000 (for Federal Bank Accounts)and Rs 5,000 (For other Bank)


Benefits to Customers

Secure and easy way to make payments

No charges/commission

Make person to person fund transfers

Facilitate payments to merchants

Facilitate payments for online shopping

No need to carry cash

No need to carry debit/ credit card

Quick and instant processing

Benefits to Merchants

Secure and fast way to receive payments

Funds get credited in real time

Maintenance free

No POS machine required

Easy reconciliation

No need for receipts or signatures

No threat of fraudulent cards or transactions

No hassle of handling cash

Get in Touch

Helpdesk Toll Free No.

1800-425-1199 / 1800-420-1199

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